Advantages of iSi

1. Simple, fast preparation

iSi Whippers can do everything easily and in the blink of an eye:
Prepared in just a few seconds and available for immediate use. The operation is simple and uncomplicated; when you work with iSi, you can always keep one hand free.

2. Safety

iSi performs under pressure.
iSi chargers and iSi Whippers have been developed as one system. Their technical details are therefore tailored to work perfectly together. This functional achievement is consistently monitored using safety-related tests and  continuous quality assessments in the Austrian iSi factory.

3. Preservation of contents’ freshness with a closed and sealed system

The closed system allows you to store the cold preparations for up to 10 days in the fridge while maintaining consistent quality, all without the addition of preservatives. 
iSi Whippers  are designed to seal in freshness to help meet HACCP requirements. Follow regulations from your local health department for safety. Regular and thorough interim cleaning of the tip throughout service is important!

4. Sanitary

The iSi system remains under pressure, which considerably inhibits the growth of bacteria. Since cream chargers, soda water chargers and beer chargers are classified as food products, iSi production is HAACP certified , making it a completely clean and safe process  in your kitchen.

5. Yield

We make the most of it for you.
One big advantage of the iSi system is the significantly larger whipping volume compared to, for example, a mixer. No matter what preparation you have in your iSi bottle, we guarantee at least double or up to five times the the liquid in whipped output. The result is innovative and easy cuisine.

6. Light and attractive with better taste

Creations made in the iSi Whipper are considerably lighter and with this, also lower in calories and more intensive in taste.
iSi highlights the quality and aroma of each and every food. High quality ingredients are optimized for taste and texture to ensure a consistently delicious result.

7. Global service

Thanks to an international network of iSi business partners, we are here for you in over 90 countries worldwide.

8. Guaranteed quality

iSi stands for top quality worldwide.
iSi manufactures both the chargers and the cream and soda siphons bearing the iSi name.  Each iSi Whipper and each iSi charger is thoroughly checked before the products leave the factory. What is more, iSi extends the warranty on all whippers and siphons for registered customers.

9. Replacement parts and repair

Rapid assistance when repairs and replacement parts are needed.
If the need for a replacement part should arise, or if, contrary to expectations, your Whipper should exhibit a defect, we ask that you please get in contact with us.

10. Experience and competence

50 years of experience, innovation and creativity. We won’t let you down.

11. Sustainability

Truly sustainable development can only happen with the employees and for the environment, of this we are convinced.
iSi Whippers and iSi chargers are created from high-quality raw materials and are therefore guaranteed to stay in use for a long time. Furthermore, our cream and soda chargers are 100 % recyclable steel.

12. Collective know-how

Perfect design and endless inspiration.
iSi works together with top chefs, mixologists and baristas from all over the world every day. We are happy to pass our knowledge on to you for a head start. Sign up now for our monthly newsletter to keep you updated.

Advantages for commercial use

1. Economical

When you work with iSi, you save money on many levels. This is how iSi influences your cost of sales, your contribution margin, and thus your overhead and personnel costs:

No matter what preparation you have in your iSi bottle, we guarantee at least double the output. Due to the yield and the considerably larger whipping volume that you can obtain thanks to the iSi system, you save significantly on the portion costs, thereby also achieving a lower cost of sales.

The significantly greater durability of your creations in the iSi Whipper also noticeably affects the cost of sales. Fresh foods and considerably less waste at the end of your day-to-day operations increase your contribution margin. Thanks to the various Whipper sizes (0.25 L, 0.5 L and 1 L), you can also manage your required quantity and act according to demand.

Compared to cream whipping machines, for example, the acquisition costs of an iSi Whipper pay off after just a short time. A special maintenance cycle is not necessary, but please always make sure to clean your iSi Whipper correctly!

2. More efficiency and flexibility

A deciding factor for success in the food service sector is the right Mise en Place i.e. the proper preparation to cope with peak periods. This saves a lot of time, nerves and ultimately, personnel costs.

iSi facilitates the necessary flexibility in order for you to be able to react to the needs of your customers even better. An iSi Whipper is not confined to any specific location and requires no electricity, making it ideally suited to the catering sector, to name but one example. Your iSi Whipper does it all, whether cold or warm, sweet or spicy. Bestow your meals with a fresh finish and à la minute, wherever you need it: in the kitchen, in the bar, in catering and even right in front of the guest. When you work with iSi, you can always keep one hand free.

3. Minimal space requirement

An iSi Whipper does not need much space and is not tied to one location. Apply it wherever you need it.

4.  Increase the customer experience value

Tip: integrate your iSi Whipper when working in front of the guest! This enrichens the chain of customer experience in gastronomy, in addition to gueridon service, front cooking and classic activity behind the bar!

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